Why providing formations «clefs en main »

With our experience, we know attending a training session requires a  lot of organization for professionals already missing time. 

In a spirit of services and accompaniment, we provide formations “clefs en main” including :
           - Lodging and accommodations for the complete training period (3 to 6 days according theme)
           - Administrative support in case of funding 
           - Professional themes including large part of practice through numerous productions.

With secondary services  
           - phone and internet follow-up
           - individual technical support
           - Advises for building / organizing your new dairy
           - first makes with you to adapt technology to your facilities

Why an International Training Center ?


With an activity focused on international needs and skills acquired during 10 years within small and middle sized structures of production, formations and technical support,  we decided to give possibility to cheese makers from all over the world to meet during a week, training and exchanging together, in order to strengthen links between each producer.

Transferring and maintaining know-how within the big family of the cheese makers is now a priority of our international center, meeting so the needs and requirements of each.

We propose you trainings welcoming cheese makers of the whole world within a workshop school situated in Ruffec  (16– Charente), accessible from Poitiers or Limoges airports, TGV fast train from Paris.  

Why organizing « pedagogical journeys » ?


The diversity of productions passes by the knowledge of other cultures.  

Knowledge and development of new products pass by the discovery of new methods of fabrication.

We organize study trips in the French regions, in various countries of Europe, in the Middle East, North America, to meet local cheese makers to strengthen the cultural and professional exchanges between the cheese makers of the world.  

For this service also, we organize a stay “all inclusive” :
 educational circuits (visits of cheese dairies, tastings, sensory and technological analyses of the local productions)
·  manufacturing of traditional cheeses in the local dairies
· Meetings and exchanges with the local producers
·  Transport, accommodation, meals included



Larcher Consulting company is born from passion of cheesemaking and the wishes to share this passion.

Graduated from National Dairy High School and enforced by strong field experience (artisan cheese maker, technical adviser for Rhodia Food, Formations’ manager—technical adviser in Carmejane Cheese Center).

I work today as a consultant with farmhouse cheese makers, artisans, breeders / makers associations, Agricultural Chambers, in France but also in foreign countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, USA, United Kingdom, Austria, Israel ….

Larcher consulting is also a formation’s center working in partnership with a team and network of professionals, technicians, research and development centres, experts in sensorial analysis ….



Les Touches
23220 CHENIERS—France

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E.mail : ivan.larcher@larcher-consulting.com